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Pet Sitter SEO Google Guidance

Pet Sitter SEO’s goal is to provide the guidance that will help pet professionals get the best, most-effective websites for their businesses. I want all pet pros to have the kind of websites that present their businesses as friendly, competent and knowledgeable. And I want them to get these sites with little or no stress.  I do this by offering the following:

– SEO tips on my Facebook page, PetSitterSEO:  simple and effective ways to make your site show up higher in web searches.

– SEO discussions on my blog: longer-format essays on the whys and hows of website organization, written in a simple, non-techy style to appeal to pet experts, not computer geeks. Guidance you can use today, not years from now.

– Website SEO evaluations, in which I look at your site from the view of both prospective clients as well as website crawlers (like Google), then present you with a report that explains what you need to do to gain more traffic. This is a great tool for those who maintain their site themselves; it gives you a road map for what to do and where to do it.

– Website editing services. I can edit text, upload images, fix broken links, add pages, delete pages, combine pages, and add reviews (among other fun things!). This work can be done on most builders, like GoDaddy, 1and1.com, and our favorite, WordPress.

– Website pre-launch evaluations. These are specifically for those who are about launch their sites, or have recently done so. This evaluation looks at sites and reports on everything from simple things (is your contact info listed?) to heavier tech issues (are your title tags the right length?). This report concentrates more on design issues and how to fix them.

Google Business Listing help. You need a Google Business listing, you really do. They not only show up on their own in searches, but Google looks at them when deciding on your search result rank. This service will create your listing from fresh OR give you insight on how to update it. And if you’re looking for more info on GB listings, check out my recent chat with Therese Kopiwoda!

Google Analytics installation. Google Analytics is a great free tool that allows site owners to see how their sites are performing. This service provides Google Analytics code creation and installation for those who don’t know how to do it or don’t have time to do so.

Domain Email to Gmail setup. Gmail can really help you manage your domain / business emails. Gmail can fetch them automatically and you can respond to messages from your desktop or your Gmail mobile app. This service sets up the connection between your domain email and your Gmail account. This is great if you don’t know how to do this and just want it done right without losing any messages.

If your website isn’t working… If you’re not getting enough visitors… If you did your site yourself and you’re at the end of your rope… If you just need someone to tell you if you’re doing it right… Please contact me and I will help you get your site fixed with as little stress as possible. And I love newbies, non-techies, and those who hate computer work! Patience is my forte, or so I’m told.   : )



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