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SEO evaluationsIt’s not easy to keep up with current search engine optimization (SEO) trends, especially if you concentrate on other things (like your business). You’re an expert in your field, and you need to keep up with that. But you also know that your website is a vital marketing tool, so it really needs to perform well. That’s where this evaluation comes in.

Your website design may be inviting to your clients, but if your site is not constructed well, and your visitors are confused by what you offer and how to get around, your site may work against you.

My website evaluation gives you a clear roadmap for changes that will help your site rise higher in search results. I explain the issues I find, and when I use a tool, I link to it so you may see the results for yourself.

In my report I look at the following areas:

Google My Business listing
Domain registration info
Page load speed
Broken links
Best positioning of vital info
Images (location and tags)
Pages and navigation
Title tags
Meta descriptions
Key word usage

Upon request, I will include special tactics for greater visibility for your services and larger or different geographic areas.

Note 1: I do not need to log into your website to perform this evaluation.

Note 2: The difference between this evaluation and my pre-launch evaluation is that this one concentrates on structure and performance issues that are common with established websites. This report has more data and less instruction on fixing issues.

Website evaluations are $90. Please write or phone to get your evaluation started today!


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